A presentation by Josh Clawito detailing the rough journey of egg sales to people not named Josh, taken at JoshCon 2017 (Josh Yolk / Getty Images)

JoshConference, the world’s premier conference for people named Josh, is back with a bang for 2018! Due to popular demand, tickets for this exclusive 5 day event sell out instantly, but here is your rare chance to purchase a ticket!

Here’s what makes JoshCon so fantastic:

  • The only place in the world where eggs and data come together — we’re calling it a Josh Omlette
  • Exclusive and elusive sessions on garbanzos and civil engineering
  • Five full days of educational talks, including one complete day dedicated to retelling the story about that one time Josh and his friend Finance Bro Josh got involved in some joshery
  • Prestigious guest speakers such as Adam Joshua Black and Joshkim Noah

VIJ tickets are also available, which include:

  • After hours Greco-Roman wrestling matches
  • Caber tossing competitions
  • Leisurely strolls to Sunac
  • All-day, all you can eat egg buffet
  • Hit the range with a curved-handle umbrella as your driver
  • Meet with old friends from New Trier High School
  • Unlimited acceess to the non-denominational meditation lounge overseen by world renown Guru Joshi Joshur

Available for a limited time only, JoshCon will carry you forward into 2018 and beyond; physically, spiritually, and joshually.

Purchase your tickets to JoshCon today and save over 20%.

Save 20% On Newly Available Tickets to JoshCon 2018

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J. Joshua Josherman

Chief Executive Josh of JoshCon

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